May 24, 2023

T-CAIREM's 2023 AI in Medicine summer student program launches with 29 participants

Summer Student Orientation session
At the orientation, students were divided into two groups to introduce themselves and learn more about what they can expect.

Each year T-CAIREM's AI in Medicine Summer Student Research Program provides emerging researchers from across Canada with an opportunity to develop their skills with leading artificial intelligence (AI) in health experts.

The competitive program invites applications from undergraduates and students enrolled in professional degree programs like medicine from universities in the T-CAIREM Network

This year 29 students are participating, a T-CAIREM record since the program launched in 2021.

This year's participants include:

Student: Nitish Bhatt (University of Toronto)
Supervisor: Dr. Kathryn Howe 
Research Project: Multi-modal deep learning for classification of carotid plaque vulnerability

Student: Lyndon Boone (Memorial University)
Supervisor: Dr. Maged Goubran 
Research Project: Unsupervised deep learning-based phenotyping and outcome prediction in MRgFUS anterior capsulotomy for psychiatric disorders

Student: David Chen (University of Toronto)
Supervisor: Dr. Srinivas Raman
Research Project: Machine-learning based treatment planning for low-dose-rate prostate brachytherapy

Student: Zejia Chen (Queen's University)
Supervisor: Dr. Robert Grant 
Research Project: Mapping pancreatic cancer biology to drug responses

Student: Micah Grubert Van Iderstine (University of Manitoba)
Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Sage 
Research Project: Advanced artificial intelligence for human ex vivo lung perfusion using digital twins

Student: Lyra Halili (University of Toronto)
Supervisor: Dr. Miranda Witheford 
Research Project: Deep learning models of aortic deformation after complex endovascular aneurysm repair can predict early endograft failure and adverse patient outcomes

Student: Yuelee (Ben) Khoo (Western University)
Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Felsky 
Research Project: A whole person machine learning approach to predict the emergence of psychotic spectrum symptoms in youth

Student: Valeria Khudiakova (University of Toronto)
Supervisor: Dr. Laura Sikstrom 
Research Project: Building fair machine learning models: using big data to predict risk of aggression in autistic ED patients at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Student: Andrew Kurbis (University of Waterloo)
Supervisor: Dr. Brokoslaw Laschowski
Research Project: Artificial Intelligence-powered high-level controller for prosthetic leg and exoskeleton systems

Student: Theodore Liu (McMaster University)
Supervisor: Dr. Mohamed Abdalla 
Research Project: The effect of schema and label noise in clinical data on clinical AI model performance: an algorithmic exploration

Student: Aditya Mehrotra (University of Toronto)
Supervisor: Dr. Rahul Krishnan
Research Project: Generalized depth estimation algorithms for surgical procedures

Student: Xavier Mootoo (York University)
Supervisor: Dr. Milad Lankarany 
Research Project: deploying graph convolutional networks for EEG data to perform epileptic zone localization

Student: Alif Munim (Toronto Metropolitan University)
Supervisor: Dr. Bo Wang
Research Project: Video diffusion models for synthetic echocardiogram generation

Student: Eptehal Nashnoush (University of Toronto)
Supervisor: Dr. Houman Khosravani 
Research Project: Project MASA (machine learning assisted swallowing assessment)

Student: Dimitrios Oreopoulos (Western University)
Supervisor: Dr. Phedias Diamandis
Research Project: PHARAOH: A crowdsourcing computational histology platform to integrate artificial intelligence into clinical pathology workflows.

Student: Zeel Patel (University of Toronto)
Supervisor: Dr. Gelareh Zadeh
Research Project: Establishing a DNA methylation-based nomogram that can predict RT response in a multi-institutional cohort of meningiomas

Student: Lauren Pickel (University of Toronto)
Supervisor: Dr. Alexandre Zlotta
Research Project: Silent trial of SEPERA - an AI tool to predict the risk of side-specific extraprostatic extension in pre-prostatectomy patients

Student: Sarada Sriya Rajyam (McMaster University)
Supervisor: Dr. Chung-Wai Chow 
Research Project: Building a predictive model for early identification of chronic lung allograft dysfunction

Student: Sayyam Shah (University of Waterloo)
Supervisor: Dr. John Dick 
Research Project: The development of an unsupervised machine learning pipeline for multi-omic meta-analysis of hematopoietic stem cell state and activity programs

Student: Jingcheng Shao (University of Toronto)
Supervisor: Dr. Kenneth Croitoru
Research Project: Explore the existence of a bacterial community with specific metabolic capacity and immunogenic profile associated with a protective effect against CD onset

Student: Piyush Sharma (University of Toronto)
Supervisor: Dr. Cynthia Hawkins
Research Project: Improving DNA methylation-based machine learning classification for pediatric brain tumors

Student: Sophie Sigfstead (University of Alberta)
Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Cheung 
Research Project: AI-based ECG Analysis in arrhythmia diagnosis and prognostication

Student: Matthew So (University of Manitoba)
Supervisor: Dr. April Khademi 
Research Project: Distinguishing between dementia syndromes using convolutional neural networks

Student: Rhea Varghese (McMaster University)
Supervisor: Dr. Mamatha Bhat 
Research Project: Leveraging machine learning methods to predict post-transplant mortality in solid organ transplant recipients

Student: Sarah Walker (University of Toronto)
Supervisor: Dr. George Tomlinson 
Research Project: Association between race/ethnicity and the use of benzodiazepines in mechanically ventilated patients

Student: Grace Yu (University of Toronto)
Supervisor: Dr. Maged Goubran 
Research Project: Developing a deep learning pipeline for segmenting axonal projection in teravoxel-scale whole-brain rodent data

Student: Cindy Zhang (McMaster University)
Supervisor: Dr. Frederick Roth 
Research Project: Deriving probabilistic estimates of human missense penetrance from machine-learning inference of variant impact

Student: Qiyue Zhang (Queen's University)
Supervisor: Dr. Osvaldo Espin-Garcia 
Research Project: Automating knee osteoarthritis severity grading in the osteoarthritis initiative via artificial neural networks

Student: Jonathan Zhao (University of Toronto)
Supervisor: Dr. Frank Rudzicz 
Research Project: Applications of machine learning for assessment of capsulorhexis performance during cataract surgery