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Call For Membership

As a new research and education centre, T-CAIREM seeks energetic members who want to explore the terrain where data science meets medical research and practice.  

It's our hope that members contribute their time and expertise to build training opportunities such as seminars, workshops and symposiums for others. Our goal is to unite people across disciplines to build understanding and awareness about AI in medicine to solve novel health problems using data-driven tools. 

What does the membership entail?

In addition to contributing to the future of medicine, T-CAIREM members will have access to a range of funding, networking and learning opprtunities.

How do I apply?

Membership in T-CAIREM is currently limited to learners, researchers and staff with the University of Toronto and affiliated institutions. Please register using an institutional email address. Applications associated with personal emails can't be considered for membership at this time.

For more information

Please contact Zoryana Salo, T-CAIREM administrator.