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Machine learning, natural language processing, EMR data, prediction models, primary care AI, AI ethics, algorithms, programming, Python, neural networks, deep learning

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The Future is Now: Artificial Intelligence in Primary Care
Hosts: The Upstream Lab, The College of Family Physicians of Canada
This six-part webinar series was created in 2020-2021
• Episode 1: Introduction to AI and Applications in Primary Care
• Episode 2: Machine Learning to Solve Primary Care Challenges
• Episode 3: ML Applied to Primary Care EMR Data for Classification
• Episode 4: NLP & its Role in Primary Care
• Episode 5: Machine Learning to Predict Health Service Use (featuring T-CAIREM director Dr. Muhammad Mamdani)
• Episode 6: Social & Ethical Implications of AI and Primary Care
Keywords: Machine learning, natural language processing, EMR data, prediction models, primary care AI, AI ethics.

AI for Good Discovery
This United Nations' digital platform brings together AI innovators to learn, discuss, connect, and identify practical solutions to advance the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Several leading AI researchers have shared their work with a global audience through the platform. Here are some notable video recordings related to AI in health.
• How to harness AI for genomic insights in drug-resistant tuberculosis?
• Scalable AI for Good solutions in genomics and health
• Fairness of machine learning classifiers in medical image analysis
• AI-Enabled Public Health from a Marginalized Perspective
• Bringing ML to clinical use safely, ethically and cost-effectively
• AI for Health in Developing Countries
• The disorderly world of diagnostic and prognostic models for covid-19
• Ethics in AI for Health: the quest for global governance 
• AI and Health: Seeing the future: AI-based Risk Assessment Models

Sunnybrook Hospital - Medventions Lecture Series
Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, Canada, hosts a series of lectures and workshops with academics, industry, and professionals sharing real-world advice on medtech innovation and commercialization. Here are the 2020 Medventions videos:
Strategic Trends in the Canadian Medical Devices Industry (Sep. 17, 2020)
• Needs Finding & Medical Technology Entrepreneurship (Sep. 24, 2020)
• Market Research and Validation (Oct.1, 2020)
• The Business Model Canvas (Oct. 8, 2020)
Medical Devices Reimbursement Strategy (Oct. 15, 2020)
• Intellectual Property Basics (Oct. 22, 2020)
• Medical Device Regulation (Oct. 29, 2020)

Harvard University - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python
This 7-week self-paced introductory course explores the concepts and algorithms at the foundation of modern artificial intelligence. The course is free to audit and hosted on the EdX platform.