May 4, 2023

2022 Best Trainee Rounds Award goes to Dr. Brokoslaw Laschowski

2022 Best Trainee Rounds Award goes to Dr. Brokoslaw Laschowski

Dr. Brokoslaw Laschowski is the winner of the 2022 T-CAIREM Best Trainee Rounds Award for his PhD and postdoctoral research on  computer vision and deep learning for automated control of robotic leg prostheses and exoskeletons.

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Dr. Laschowski is now a research scientist with the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Rehabilitation Team at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and an assistant professor (status) in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto. He also works as an instructor in the Department of Computer Science and as an affiliate faculty member with the Robotics Institute.

Dr. Laschowski specializes in the field of biomechatronics (i.e., the integration of humans with machines), with an emphasis on using mathematical, computational, and machine-learning methods to optimize the design and control of wearable robotic systems for legged locomotion.

Applications of his research range from rehabilitation robotics and assistive technology (e.g., robotic leg prostheses and exoskeletons) to neural interfaces and sensory feedback systems (e.g., smart glasses, haptics, EMG, and inertial sensors) for human-computer interaction. Overall, he develops robotic and computer technologies that physically interact with humans in order to improve health and performance.

“We research the integration of humans with robotics and artificial intelligence," says Dr. Laschowski. Like the saying goes: if you cannot beat them, join them. This is essentially the field of biomechatronics, sometimes referred to as bionics”.

“One of my favorite quotes is by Dr. Hugh Herr, renowned bionics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – ‘Humans cannot be disabled. Technology is disabled. Technology is inadequate. One day, we may have technologies so advanced that the blind could see via neural interfaces and the paralyzed could walk via body exoskeletons.’ This quote similarly describes our research lab and philosophy,” says Dr. Laschowski. 

Each year T-CAIREM's Trainee Rounds highlight research like Dr. Laschowski's that feature innovative applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine.

T-CAIREM receives dozens of applications from emerging researchers for the annual Trainee Rounds that are shortlisted to ten proposals. The successful applicants get an opportunity to present their research before a panel of AI in healthcare leaders for a cash prize. 

Research topics presented in the Trainee Rounds include methodological projects, translational clinical projects, education, data governance, health policy, health economics, and ethics.

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