Education Overview

Education theme photo

Highly trained individuals are needed to operate complex diagnostic tools. This is why  Artificial Intelligence (AI) education in medicine is a priority for T-CAIREM.

We envision a comprehensive approach to education that includes a speaker series featuring leading experts, training and teaching from practitioners, workshops, hackathons and student rounds, symposia, and collaborative specialization and certificate programs.

At the very core of our education program are two practicums each year that pair students with data partners and T-CAIREM faculty to solve real-world problems and obtain effective results. 

T-CAIREM’s education activities will be available to trainees of different backgrounds and levels of expertise in order to create collaborative, multidisciplinary learning opportunities.  

We’re looking forward to working with the next generation of medical practitioners. The innovations our members and future students develop will lead to more efficient treatment methods, lower health costs and create better health outcomes for Canadians.