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T-CAIREM collaborates with several organizations to create advanced tools for precision medicine. We also partner with institutions and researchers to equip health care providers with the skills to use these new tools.

Vector Institute

The Vector Institute is an independent, not-for-profit, corporation that works to advance research in the AI and machine learning field. It uses research into application, adoption and commercialization of tools that can benefit the economy of Canada, as well as improve the life of Canadians. The faculty at the Vector Institute consists of individuals from various different disciplines, including partners from the industry and within the health sector.

General Medicine Inpatient Initiative (GEMINI)

This initiative works with hospitals across Ontario obtaining and analyzing clinical data with the aim of improving healthcare. Their researchers gather information about acute and chronic diseases and create opportunities that will make healthcare safer and more efficient for everyone. This further allows healthcare providers to make more informed decisions regarding the best care for their patients. GEMINI is affiliated with many hospitals and institutes across Ontario, giving the Centre the opportunity to collaborate with them as well.

University of Toronto Practice-Based Network (UTOPIAN)

UTOPIAN brings together family physicians with academic researchers across the GTA. The aim is to use physician’s experiences, questions and suggestions to assess what could be done to improve primary care in Ontario. The network also uses Electronic Medical Records to access de-identified patient data, which provides a unique resource for medical research that is relevant to the reality of healthcare in Ontario.

T-CAIREM’s Guiding Principles for Engagement with Industry

T-CAIREM looks forward to collaborating with industry stakeholders to further its goals. Any collaborations will be evaluated in accordance with the University of Toronto’s core values and policies.

1. Clarity of purpose: any industry engagement will align with T-CAIREM’s mission to advance research, education, knowledge translation dissemination, and digital infrastructure in the field of AI in medicine through an active community. All collaborative activities will be specified in a written agreement that will align with the mission and mandate of T-CAIREM. T-CAIREM will not endorse any product and companies will refrain from engagement with T-CAIREM for promotional activities.

Any collaboration must be shown to make T-CAIREM’s work more effective through industry engagement, and associated resources such as funding will be used to further the centre’s goals.

2. Independence: any industry collaboration must be compatible with T-CAIREM’s functions and not compromise the centre’s integrity, independence, or credibility. Terms for intellectual property management and distribution will be aligned with the University of Toronto’s Inventions Policy, and the hospital Affiliation Agreement where applicable, and be explicitly outlined prior to collaborative engagement.

3. Transparency: the extent and terms of any industry engagement will be open and transparent. T-CAIREM will be clear about the potential benefits and risks to its members and the public.

4. Accountability: any departure from the agreed upon terms will start a review of the engagement. T-CAIREM will evaluate all industry engagements and report its experiences and outcomes to the University of Toronto.